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Today Was Yesterday is on a mission to create timeless music that transcends genres and generations. The aptly-named powerhouse rock duo’s self-titled debut is an imaginative, 10-song collection of prime modern classic rock, featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Alex Lifeson of Rush and Robby Krieger of The Doors as guest guitarists. 


“We come from the days when pop musicians weren’t afraid to be good players,” says the band’s drummer, percussionist, and programmer, the LA-based Ty Dennis. “Ty and I’ve played together as sidemen for 25 years, and we’ve always wanted to work together on original music. Today Was Yesterday is a dream come true for us,” shares lead vocalist, primary songwriter, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, pianist, and programmer, the Chicago-based Angelo Barbera. 


Today Was Yesterday writes adventurous and smart pop-rock spiritually aligned with NIN, Japan and David Sylvian, Genesis and Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, and Rush. Its first album features intricate but catchy compositions replete with thrilling virtuosic musical passages, art-rock soundscapes, and meticulous production. Lyrically and conceptually, Today Was Yesterday specialize in the type of metaphorical and poetic lyrics favored by artists such as Genesis, Peter Gabriel, and Rush.


The creative nexus of Today Was Yesterday is Angelo and Ty who met in 1997. They are longtime vets of the rock n’ roll scene with a telepathic musical connection. Angelo has worked with The Motels featuring Martha Davis, Red Square Black, Lita Ford, and, most notably, The Robby Krieger Band and The Doors of the 21st Century. Ty previously played in The Motels featuring Martha Davis, where he met Angelo, and he later replaced the Police’s Stewart Copeland in The Doors of the 21st Century.


Prior to his successful hired gun career, Angelo was a band guy, and he has remained an active songwriter even as his bass playing earned him world-class gigs. Angelo’s song sketches became the basis of Today Was Yesterday’s debut album, though they evolved considerably when Ty added his musicianship and artistic vision. 


Initially, Today Was Yesterday was going to have a more conventional lineup presentation. “I tried out lead singers, but, at times, it was comical, like a SNL skit—the LSD, lead singer’s disease, was too much for me,” Angelo says laughing. The pair decided to create as a self-contained unit, self-producing and playing all the instruments with Angelo handling all the lead vocals.


The band is joined on this debut by some very special guests. Over the years, Ty had been in house bands for all-star concerts in which Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson was a part of.  In 2022, Ty gave Alex a lift back to his hotel after a rehearsal, and he played him some early versions of a couple Today Was Yesterday songs. Alex was a fan of what he heard and said he would love to play on some of the tracks. “We're honored to have Alex joining us on 6 of the album's 10 songs.”


Today Was Yesterday opens with, “Grace (featuring Alex Lifeson),” a moody and imaginatively-arranged rocker that evokes 1970s prog-rock and Physical Graffiti-era Led Zeppelin. This powerful song is about the fentanyl epidemic, and it features some of Angelo’s most emotionally direct lyrics, including: Swallowed addictions paid in souls/Timeless Crimes That Go Raging By. 


 “On My Own (featuring Alex Lifeson)” recalls the pop-sophistication of Sting, and is in a tricky 5/4 time signature. Alex Lifeson shines here playing guitar parts and guitars—including a Nashville-tuned guitar, a 12 string guitar, and a mandolin—not typically associated with him. Angelo says: “At times on this song, Alex reminds me of  [country and jazz guitarist] Hank Garland—I was blown away. I never heard him like this.” Ty adds: “If I paid someone a million dollars, I couldn’t get tracks like this"


Robby Krieger joins the party for the bluesy, "If I Fall (Silly Games),” which features his one-of-a-kind slide guitar playing. “Jim Morrison freaked out when he heard Robby play slide, and wanted him to play it all the time, and I can see why. His slide playing is so emotional—it makes my hair stand up,” Ty says. 


Today Was Yesterday has been a deeply satisfying creative adventure for Ty and Angelo. As they gear up to perform live in the summer of 2024, the guys look back on their career and the road ahead with thoughtfulness and gratitude. “I’m normally helping someone else achieve their goals—which I’m always happy to do—but this band gives me a chance to play exactly what I want to play, and I love that,” Ty says. Angelo adds: “This music is one hundred percent pure and honest. It doesn’t sound like anything contemporary, it is truly Today Was Yesterday.” 

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